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Common Rodents in America: House Mouse in adult for is a small, growing to between 5 ½ and 7 inches in length, including their long tail. House mice have small, beady eyes and both their ears and their tail are covered in a light layer of velvet-like fur. The fur on their body varies in color from grayish-brown to dark gray; their belly is usually covered in tan or off-white colored fur. Roof Rat has a light build making them outstanding climbers They are often found mounting trees to access buildings through the roof. These rats are dark brown or black with a complementary lighter colored underbelly. The adult roof rat grows to about 6-8 inches in length; their long scaly tail adds another 6-8 inches onto their total body length. They have a pointed nose, large ears, and large eyes. Norway Rat “hefty” body grows to around 7 and 9 ½ inches in length and its tail adds another 6 to 8 inches to their total body length. They have a rounded blunt nose, protruding black eyes, small ears, and a bi-colored tail. The scruffy fur on its body is brown and is peppered with black hairs. The fur on their belly is lighter in color - typically gray or white.

These mammals pose a threat because they can transmit harmful and dangerous diseases by way of contaminating you and your pet’s food and they can do significant damage to the structures they choose to infest. Mice also will gnaw on the insulation around wires. This to raises the risk of fire. Mice will chew on just about anything they see useful in building their nests. Rodents that are judged as pests in and out the home are mice and rats. A mouse is a small rodent that typically has a pointed snout, large ears and eyes, and a long tail. Mice are “night owls”. Rats are large mice, stereotypically having a pointed snout and a long, sparsely haired tail. A rodent is a gnawing mammal distinguished by strong constantly growing teeth in each of the upper and lower jaws. The incisors grow throughout the it’s life, and are kept from getting too long by gnawing. Rodents can be found in and around homes, barns, granaries, and fields, or any place where food is readily available. Typically, a rodent’s lifespan can be 2 to 3 years inside home due to protection and 12 months outside due to predators. Rodents eat both plants and meat. They like eating grass, weeds, small twigs, bits of bark, plant seeds, fruits, and grains. The normal house mice will eat just about anything it can find. In fact, if food is infrequent, mice will even eat each other.

Types of mice and rats: House mouse, African pygmy mouse, Ryukyu mouse, Gairdner's shrewmouse, Little Indian field mouse, Mayor's mouse, Steppe mouse, Algerian mouse, Mus, Cypriot mouse, Macedonian mouse, Volcano mouse, Toad mouse, Delicate mouse, Fawn-colored mouse, Cook's mouse, Earth-colored mouse, Desert pygmy mouse, Gray-bellied pygmy mouse, Servant mouse, Free State pygmy mouse, Peters's mouse, Matthey's mouse, Rock-loving mouse, Thomas's pygmy mouse, Shortridge's mouse, Neave's mouse, Oubangui mouse, Hausa mouse, Sumatran shrewlike mouse, Setzer's pygmy mouse, Mahomet mouse, Gounda mouse, Callewaert's mouse, Baoule's mouse, Brown rat, Black rat, Bulldog rat, Bush rat, Australian swamp rat, Ricefield rat, Polynesian rat, Malayan field rat, Palm rat, Long-haired rat, Tanezumi rat, Annandale's rat, Lesser ricefield rat, Himalayan field rat, Opossum rat, Philippine forest rat, Sikkim rat, Little soft-furred rat, Maclear's rat, Pale field rat, Dusky rat, Summit rat, Turkestan rat, Cape York rat, Dusky field rat, Bonthain rat, Mentawai rat, Slender rat, Eastern rat, Sunburned rat, Nonsense rat, Kerala rat, Yellow-tailed rat, Mindoro black rat, Nillu rat, Hainald's rat, Simalur rat, New Guinean rat, Timor rat, Andaman rat, Korinch's rat, Enggano rat, Giluwe rat, Japen rat, Stein's rat, Osgood's rat, Sula rat, Hoffmann's rat, Hoogerwerf's rat, Tawitawi forest rat, Spiny Ceram rat Fort Worth Dallas Tx Pest Control, Fort Worth Dallas Tx Exterminators, Fort Worth Dallas Tx Bed Bugs Pest Control, Fort Worth Dallas Tx Bed Bugs Exterminators, Fort Worth Dallas Tx BedBugs Pest Control, Fort Worth Dallas Tx BedBugs Exterminators, Fort Worth Dallas Tx roaches pest control, Fort Worth Dallas Tx roaches exterminators, Fort Worth Dallas Tx ants pest control, Fort Worth Dallas Tx ants exterminators, Fort Worth Dallas Tx termites pest control, Fort Worth Dallas Tx termites exterminators, Fort Worth Dallas Tx rats pest control, Fort Worth Dallas Tx mice pest control, Fort Worth Dallas Tx rodents pest control, Fort Worth Dallas Tx rodents exterminators, Fort Worth Dallas Tx ticks pest control, Fort Worth Dallas Tx ticks exterminators, Fort Worth Dallas Tx Bees Pest Control, Fort Worth Dallas Tx Wasp Pest control , Fort Worth Dallas Tx Hornets Pest Control, Fort Worth Dallas Tx Bees Exterminators, Fort Worth Dallas Tx Wasp Exterminators , Fort Worth Dallas Tx Hornets Exterminators, Fort Worth Dallas Tx Dog & Deer Ticks, Fort Worth Dallas Tx Flies Pest Control, Fort Worth Dallas Tx Flies Exterminators, Fort Worth Dallas Tx Wildlife Exterminators, Fort Worth Dallas Tx Wildlife Pest Control , Fort Worth Dallas Tx Bed Bugs, Fort Worth Dallas Tx Bedbugs, Fort Worth Dallas Tx Roaches, Fort Worth Dallas Tx Mice, Fort Worth Dallas Tx Rats, Fort Worth Dallas Tx Flies, Fort Worth Dallas Tx Bees, Fort Worth Dallas Tx Termites, Fort Worth Dallas Tx Rodents, Fort Worth Dallas Tx Ticks, Fort Worth Dallas Tx Fleas, Fort Worth Dallas Tx Wasp, Fort Worth Dallas Tx Hornets, Fort Worth Dallas Tx Termites, Fort Worth Dallas Tx Ants, Fort Worth Dallas Tx Gnats, Dallas TX, Dallas, Texas, TX, Plano TX; 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